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Our House Painting And Power Washing Process

Project Walk Through
The first and most important step in our process is to come to your home and walk through and discuss your project in detail. We make observations on the condition of the surfaces to be painted and point out any siding, trim or molding repairs or replacements that should be performed to ensure a quality result. The same holds true for interior work – drywall repairs, trim and molding repairs/replacements.

You may have already picked out your paint colors for your project at your local paint store. Or, you may want to match a color you like that you have seen somewhere. Either way, our color consultant will bring color swatches for you to look at, to ask questions and to make suggestions to help you make informed color choices.

All observations and requirements of the job will be provided in a detailed written estimate to eliminate surprises at the end of the job.

Note to Consumers: We know consumers call several different companies to obtain “ball park” figures on the cost of their house painting and/or house repair project which is wise. But, the only true way to find out what the true cost of a project will be is an in-home estimate. There are some house painting and home repair contractors that use “low-ball” phone pricing to get an in-home estimate. Watch out for these contractors! These companies may:

  • Not using high quality paints or materials on your project.

  • Not using experienced professionals to work on your house.

  • Not disclosing repairs/replacements they know may need to be made to hike up the price once on the job.  

  • Not carry liability insurance or bonded which exposes you to loss in case of injury or theft on behalf of their crew.

  • Use house painting sub-contractors from various painting companies that may or may not be experienced.


Starting Your Project

Upon agreement we will come to your home upon the start date/time designated and begin the project. We will:


Power Washing Once all steps above have been performed we will power wash the exterior surfaces to be painted. Dixie Paint Inc has a staff of trained power washing professionals. Power washing removes the mildew, dirt and greasy build up that have accumulated over the years. This provides a clean solid surface for your paint color to bond for a longer lasting finish.  Note to Consumers: This is a step that some house painting contractors choose not to perform or include in their estimate to you so they can have a lower bid and get the job. This is one of the biggest reasons why house repaints don’t last as long as consumers expect. Would you wax your car without washing it first? Of course not! Make sure this service is included or factored into your exterior house painting project.


Protective Drop Cloths -We will place protective drop cloths and other plastic sheeting to protect valued plants, floors and other surfaces from paint spatter or damage.

Rotted/Damaged Wood Repairs – Can be done by our skilled carpenters or can be performed by another company of the clients choosing. If performed by our company all work will be performed using high quality wood or wood resistant plastic resin materials. In some cases rotted wood may be discovered during the power washing process. All wood repairs/replacements must be performed prior to the paint application process.

Scraping, Sanding, Priming & Caulking - “Paint is only as good as the surface upon which it is being applied”. This is a saying that always rings true. We scrape off and use sandpaper to smooth out any rough spots. We will then apply a coat of quality paint primer to provide protection to bare wood and give the top coat of paint something to adhere to. We also use high quality caulk that is meant to last filling nail holes and gaps and seals out water and the elements to provide a longer lasting paint job.

Paint Application – We use paint brushes to apply your color selection to the house siding, trim and moldings. Behr is our paint of choice. We will use any other paint brands our customers have chosen. We use the hand brushing technique as it is a far superior method of paint application. This method:

  • Greatly reduces/eliminates overspray

  • Ensures paint gets into nooks and seams for better paint protection

  • Presents a uniform finish that spray application cannot


Project Inspection and Clean Up – Our project manager along with the homeowner will thoroughly inspect the house painting and home repair work performed to ensure our customers are totally pleased with the services performed by Dixie Paint, Inc and that the project areas have been restored to their pristine state. 


Have Questions? Call Dixie Paint Inc Today at (919) 556-0943 or Request an estimate.


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