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Deck Refinishing

Deck Refinishing Service

Your deck is an extension of your home; maintaining a protective finish will make it last longer and look better. This is especially important here in central North Carolina, where humidity attacks and degrades a deck’s finish faster.

Dixie Paint’s deck finishing services begin the same way as all our other projects do: with attention to detail and proper surface preparation. Our decks often look more like fine furniture than functional outdoor pieces, but they are exceptionally durable.

Before staining, the deck is pressure washed with an environmentally friendly deck wash. This product restores aged wood to its original color and will not harm plants or animals. It also preserves the wood’s natural oils and won’t degrade the fibers.

The deck’s surface is sanded and smoothed to prepare it to accept the stain; there are several good-quality exterior stains and sealers available in different price points. Dixie Paint will choose appropriate products that fit your budget.

We specialize in hardwood refinishing. Did you know that hardwood has a different pore structure than softwoods do? This means that they accept color differently and require a different maintenance schedule. At Dixie Paint, we’re trained to prepare hardwoods (including exotics like Brazilian, Mahogany, and Ipe) to accept stain evenly and wear well. We’ll even teach you how to properly maintain your deck so it remains a showpiece for years to come.

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